Mr Bala Ghopala


A jugaad and low-cost educational platform for digital interactivity, compatible with Makey Makey (TM), using QTouch ADC and Attiny85



Midi Device

Capacitive Touch

Once plugged in, the CocoMake7 is working out of the box as we know it from other human interface devices such as computer mice and usb keyboards. However, the CocoMake7 programming interface allows the user to reprogram the device software (called firmware) and define what the touch inputs should do or trigger. This is accomplished with the well supported and ubiquitous arduino development environment. We have put a lot of effort in making the CocoMake7 board fully compatible with arduino.


Introducing CocoBlock

Program CocoMake7 withut coding, available for windows, osx, and linux user, download now

Interfacing CocoMake7 with Puredata Software

Make Your Own Board

very easy!

User made boards

Mr Bala Style on Protoboard

Design your own DIL board

CocoAttadu made in Bangalore


GoldenCocoMake7 @ OpenlabTaipei - Coconuts, Oranges, Glandulas and Dinosaurs

Experimenting with the Golden CocoMake7 - PinkTeensy edition during our visit to Openlab Taipei. The CocoMake7 is "A jugaad ultra low-cost clone to the Makey Makey, but based on QTouchADC sensing, local manufacturing and coconuts". See more on:

QTouch Coconutduino @ WorkbenchProject BLR

A new project directly from the Center for Alternative Coconut Research. Using the QTouchADC method on the arduino with a coconut. Sunday afternoon at Workbench Project in Bangalore. SHOW MORE

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